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Wallpaper: Man of Steel

Download the ‘Man of Steel’ wallpaper

Probably the movie I’m most looking forward to in 2013: Man of Steel. I think everyone has seen this poster. I think it was the first teaser image they released but I’ve always loved it. I didn’t really do much to this just remove the text that was next to the logo that said “Man of Steel”. For those that haven’t seen the trailer yet. Go now. Here’s the link.

Wallpaper: The Wolverine

Download ‘The Wolverine Movie’ Wallaper

Continuing the movies of 2013 theme. I completely forgot this movie was coming out. I didn’t enjoy the first one that much but from what I’ve read about this movie, it takes place in Japan. I love that era of the Wolverine comics, so it makes the movie sound more interesting to me personally.

I noticed this movie poster awhile back and I thought it would make a nice wallpaper. I also added that red inner circle as kind of a nod to the Japanese flag. It also looks like a rage building inside him so double bonus. Also starting with this wallpaper I’ve added iphone 5 to the mobile sizes. I’ve also started adding 720 HD to the sizes not because lots of desktops run in 720 but some new phones are. I already have 1080 so I just need to re-size it to 720.

Wallpaper: Amazing Spider-Man Movie

I had this mostly finished on my computer and thought I should post it.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Wallpaper

Download the Amazing Spider-Man Movie Wallpaper

I enjoyed the movie but almost didn’t see it (Saw it in late July I believe). I would say it’s better than the Toby Maguire films. I’m not blaming the actors, it’s writing I liked more. To me Peter Parker in high school is the super smart guy who randomly cracks a joke. Maguire’s Spider-Man seemed more moody, sad, “woe is me” type. I don’t remember him being funny at all, goofy yes but not the smart-ass Spidey I remember reading about.

I started off making a more complex image with photos from different scenes in the movie but it seemed too cluttered. I love this image of Peter facing New York City so I decided to make it more simple and just add the text to the left. I’ve been on a very simplistic kick lately. I may try to make something more complex in the future.

Wallpaper: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Wallpaper

Download the Iron Man 3 Wallpaper!

I wanted to start making wallpapers again so I looked at some of the movies coming out in 2013. I had completely forgotten this is coming out next summer. I started to poke around different sites when I noticed this image and immediately wanted it on my computer. I wasn’t a big fan of the big “3” they had in the middle of image so I removed that and the movie logos. This one is mainly for myself but incase anyone else wanted it, it’s there now. Enjoy!

NFL Wallpapers

Just a heads up that for the next 32 days this site is going to release an NFL wallpaper for each team. I was originally going to just one team, but I thought I should open it up to every team to just cover every one. So if you don’t like the NFL you are free to ignore us until September where I’ll be releasing more comic booky ones.


New File Format

I noticed something when making my last Spider-man wallpaper, JPEG artifacts. I hated the way it looked so I decided to switch going forward to PNG. I’m pretty sure most current browsers won’t have a problem with them. I tested a few here and they all worked fine. So starting with the latest wallpaper, they’ll all be PNG. I don’t think I’ll go back and change the older ones because I haven’t noticed a problem like this before.

New Screen Resolutions

I decided to check out google analytics for this site recently and noticed in some of the top screen resolutions I don’t have wallpapers for those sizes. Biggest one being 1366 x 768 (Which I had never heard of before, turns out to be a netbook thing.) So starting with the Fringe wallpaper I added them. I’m going to go back and the files I still have I’ll create the extra resolutions for. The wallpapers with the HD resolution have the best chance of being converted over, but first I want to create them for the ones I’m currently working on. I tend to make wallpapers a head of time and tell the database to release them on a certain date.

So eventually any wallpaper with an HD resolution will have the following resolutions added:

  • 1920 x 1200
  • 1680 x 1050
  • 1600 x 1200
  • 1600 x 900
  • 1366 x 768

Any others that people would want feel free to leave a comment.