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Wallpaper Detail: Superman – Up, up and away

I found this image on  Reddit. Apparently, Cartoon Network had a Superman animated series planned, the artist attached was Scott Wills. Scott Wills has drawn for cartoons like Ren & Stimpy, Samurai Jack, and Dexter’s Laboratory. According to the thread, the team behind Samurai Jack started planning out this Superman cartoon. The wallpaper linked below was one of the images created from the now-canceled project. It looks amazing and it’s a shame it was canceled. There’s another image in the Reddit post that looks just as wonderful. Down the road that’ll probably be used to make a wallpaper.

Superman: Up, up and away

Justice League Movie Woes

A few reports have come out and basically said the Justice League movie is in a bit of trouble. Recently Mark Miller, in an interview with Sci Fi Now, said that the JL movie would be “a good way to lose $200 million”. Miller’s complaint with DC is the characters are fine for comics but in a live action environment it doesn’t work.

“You can get away with stuff in comics that in live action’s just a bit sucky – the best one is definitely Aquaman. Aquaman can’t even talk under water. If you think about it in comics it’s fine, you just have a speech balloon, but how do you have Atlantis and people talking under water? Are they gonna talking telepathically? Is it going to be body forms? The actual logistics of each member of the Justice League is disastrous, and you put them all together and I think you get an excellent way of losing $200 million.”

Telepathy is probably the route they’d go with if Aquaman is even IN the movie to begin with. One report from Latino Review says that the main cast will consist of Superman, Batman (even this is in question), Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Which brings us back to the Miller interview. Does Green Lantern work in a live action environment?

“Now the stuff I grew up with… I adored the DC stuff growing up but really, how do you do a movie about Green Lantern,” asks Millar, “his power is that he manifests green plasma from his imagination and uses them as weapons against someone? Even that in itself if you just imagine then watching a fight scene with a guy who’s like a hundred feet away making plasma manifestations fight someone – it’s not exactly raucous, getting up close and personal.”

And just to sprinkle some salt into the wound, it seems the current script is “terrible” and has been scrapped according to JoBlo. Now it seems like Warner Brothers is going to wait to see how MAN OF STEEL does before moving forward.

character_bio_576_justiceleagueDC’s films seem to have taken a darker edge to them. Mostly thanks to the success of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. And now MAN OF STEEL giving off a similar vibe, at least with the few trailers that have been put out thus far. I still think the characters would work with a darker edge to them. Batman and Superman have already been dealt with in their movies. Wonder Woman could still work as an amazon princess being pushed into our world (a little bit like Thor from Marvel). Green Lantern’s powers I would limit to basically green blasts and the ability to fly for now. I’d still make it willpower based and we can save some big kind of machine gun for the last battle, much to the surprise of the other characters. Maybe even have him make a small green plane, the size of a toy, to just kill some time while they’re waiting on something. Just to show the whole willpower thing in action. Flash would be comic relief, since I still think they need someone to break the tension.

Now what gets them all together? Some kind of global threat. Aliens have kinda been done by Marvel. I’d much rather see a bunch of natural disasters, where each hero is basically running around saving as many people as possible. Then we slowly find out each disaster is linked to some bad guy’s plot to take over/destroy the world. Or maybe it’s just a cult that’s summoning Darkseid. Which might still be too close to the Avengers. But he’ll have to be in the movies at some point. If not this one then a sequel.

Or they could just hire Nolan as the DC Whedon and see what he comes up with.