Wallpaper: Amazing Spider-Man Movie

I had this mostly finished on my computer and thought I should post it.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Wallpaper

Download the Amazing Spider-Man Movie Wallpaper

I enjoyed the movie but almost didn’t see it (Saw it in late July I believe). I would say it’s better than the Toby Maguire films. I’m not blaming the actors, it’s writing I liked more. To me Peter Parker in high school is the super smart guy who randomly cracks a joke. Maguire’s Spider-Man seemed more moody, sad, “woe is me” type. I don’t remember him being funny at all, goofy yes but not the smart-ass Spidey I remember reading about.

I started off making a more complex image with photos from different scenes in the movie but it seemed too cluttered. I love this image of Peter facing New York City so I decided to make it more simple and just add the text to the left. I’ve been on a very simplistic kick lately. I may try to make something more complex in the future.

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