Wallpaper: The Wolverine

Download ‘The Wolverine Movie’ Wallaper

Continuing the movies of 2013 theme. I completely forgot this movie was coming out. I didn’t enjoy the first one that much but from what I’ve read about this movie, it takes place in Japan. I love that era of the Wolverine comics, so it makes the movie sound more interesting to me personally.

I noticed this movie poster awhile back and I thought it would make a nice wallpaper. I also added that red inner circle as kind of a nod to the Japanese flag. It also looks like a rage building inside him so double bonus. Also starting with this wallpaper I’ve added iphone 5 to the mobile sizes. I’ve also started adding 720 HD to the sizes not because lots of desktops run in 720 but some new phones are. I already have 1080 so I just need to re-size it to 720.

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